Dates are important to us.

No, not time with a companion or a potential lover, but the day of the month, or year.

Certain dates are noteworthy.

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Even Deathdays.

Often the numbers in the dates themselves are significant. Sometimes because of the superstitious meaning of the numbers or because the numbers repeat themselves, which is seen to be important.

For example, my brother chose 8/8/88 for his wedding. Eight, of course, is a lucky number for the Chinese. It means “prosperity.” He isn’t superstitious. He just thought it would be nice.

When he remarried, he chose 9/9/99!

Some have jokingly said that he would remarry on 10/10/10 …

But it didn’t happen.

My father though died on 20/08/2008. Was this merely a coincidental arrangement of the numbers?

Last week, 11/11/11 went by without any significant event occurring. And I’m posting this just before 20/11/2011 and hopefully no “interesting” events should happen.

You may also wonder if the 9/11 terrorists deliberately chose that date or was it a coincidence? And did the London bombers like the idea of 7/7 for the date of their terrorists acts?

I don’t think anyone will know for sure.

Perhaps we’re all just looking for some meaning in the relentless marching of days. Anything, for something more …