You can lose weight by drinking a glass of water before meals.

Or so says The Economist.

“A team led by Brenda Davy of Virginia Tech has run the first randomised controlled trial studying the link between water consumption and weight loss. A report on the 12-week trial, published earlier this year, suggested that drinking water before meals does lead to weight loss.”

Forty-eight people took part in the 3 month trial. Their calories were reduced during this period. It was found that those who were told to drink half a litre before meals lost 7kg, whilst those who drank as they usually did only lost 5kg.

Although these results appear convincing, the scientists are at a loss for the reason why this is so.

“Why this works is obscure. But work it does. It’s cheap. It’s simple. And unlike so much dietary advice, it seems to be enjoyable too.”

I would venture, most unscientifically of course, that perhaps a glass of water before a meal will make you feel slightly fuller and, therefore, you’ll eat less.

I would also most assuredly venture that if you replaced that glass of water with beer or a soft drink, the result will be the opposite!

Sometimes, the solutions to life’s problems can be simple indeed, yet often we convince ourselves that a complicated solution will give us better results. In tandem with this, we frequently believe that paying loads of money will provide the best solution.

Sometimes, the simplest and cheapest method will provide the best outcome.

Often, we just need a KISS.

Keep in Simple, Stupid! ☺