Life used to be simple. Take flying for example.

You had economy, business and first. Paying more gave you a marginally larger seat as you went up each class.

Not anymore.

You could call in choice. Perhaps businesses satisfying their customers needs. Or call it product diversification.

Or just good old profit making!

But soon airlines will have the vertical seat and the saddle seat.

The vertical seat, proposed by Ryan Air, is a “standing seat”, and the saddle seat, designed by Aviointeriors, are designed for budget airlines.

But, knowing that some destinations are only serviced by budget airlines, these space minimising seats may just become the standard for some travellers.

Saddle Seat: more load on your legs ...
Vertical seat: even more load on your legs! 😦

Then on the opposite side of the spectrum is the first class suites. These suites usually have massage-enabled leather seats that convert to flat beds, a personal wardrobe, built-in vanity table with mirror, pop-up mini bar, a drawer with stationery, fresh flowers and electronic sliding doors.

Wouldn't you prefer this LUXURY!

So we have the wealthy in the first class suites and the rest of us in our new vertical or saddle seats.

In this less simple world of airline travel, the disparity between rich and those of lesser economic means is right in your face. The comforts and discomforts each experiences becomes strikingly more obvious, more acute.

It seems, naturally or unnaturally, that airline seats are mirroring real life.

Life and airline seats have indeed become complex creatures.

I really wonder if you would prefer the simpler life?