How come? You may ask.

Putting religion aside, fasting is great for the mind because once food and drink become paramount, all other worries and concerns just dissolve away …

You no longer worry about your problems.

No need to pop a pill!

What other benefits are there?

You gain empathy for the millions in the world who are starving. Not just thousands of miles away on another continent, but probably just a couple of miles from you.

Now you know how they feel! Perhaps, just perhaps, you might find a dollar in your pocket for them or, better still, do something active to help!

Lastly, the benefits are physical.

The Economist had this to say about it:

it has long been known that restricting the diets of several species of laboratory animal seems to slow down the process of ageing. This is a question not just of avoiding obesity, but of reducing an individual’s intake of calories to a point significantly below normal consumption—almost, but not quite, to the point of malnutrition.

So, restricting one’s diet, maybe just between sunrise and sunset for a month during a year, may well have health benefits.

I know what I’m saying can be a bit simplistic but I’ll leave it to others to explore the more complex issues.

Anyway, for whatever reason you’re doing it, happy fasting …