My book review of Barry Wain’s Mahathir biography was published a couple of weeks back in The Star.

I’ve been asked: Why didn’t you tell us whether the author’s allegation that Mahathir wasted RM50bil was true or false?

Or: Why did you sweep the issue under the carpet? We want to know the truth!

Well, the last time I looked at myself (with big frown, bald head and hat) I didn’t see a judge nor jury!

If I were to make a decision on the RM50bil allegation, and present it to the world at large, I would need to hear both sides of the story. Evidence would need to be presented. Cross examination would be necessary. Full documentation would be required.

I would necessarily have to act as both judge and jury. I would want to be fair. Natural justice would apply.

Barry Wain has formed his own opinion based on his research. I’ll have my own. But other people will need to decide for themselves …

The only way to reach that decision is to read the book. And if Tun Dr Mahathir releases his own autobiography, then they’ll have to read that too … just in case it contains a rebuttal.

Read a book? Nah … too busy! 🙂

I also really appreciated receiving a thank you email from Barry Wain who said:

I am writing to thank you for your kind review of my book in the August 15 Sunday Star.

In addition to the compliments, I appreciated the care you took with the details in Malaysian Maverick.

I thanked him for his thanks. Courtesy is a wonderful thing. It makes the world a better place.

He also mentioned an article of his on the passing of Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin which is really worth reading.