I was in the office when my phone rang. It was my wife.

“Guess what?” she said.


“I’m here at the beach, looking at whale!”

Suddenly, whatever I was doing did not seem important. I took me 15 minutes to get to the beach beside our house. And there I saw it …

A Southern Right Whale!

This was a moment I’d been waiting for for a long time. I’d seen numerous sea birds, dolphins, seals, and once, far off in the distant, a whale. I had always hoped to see not only see a whale again, but to also share the sight with my family. So here was one right in front of both of us!

But it didn’t just stare at use dismissively, flick its huge tail then swim off. It couldn’t. It had just given birth to a calf. It was a momentous event for such a birth had not happened here for 190 years!

Later, the whale came even closer to shore

One excited woman put on her wet suit and swam up to the whales!

It was hard getting a good photos of the whales, for when they surfaced, I tried to take a shot but it was always too late … they had already submerged.

All day, mother and calf swam up and down the harbour. It gave the locals so many opportunities to see them. After school, I had sought out the whales’ whereabouts and so our two kids could also see them. They were all thrilled.

It was a great day to see all the locals out whale-spotting. It was sunny and there were smiles on everyone’s faces. What majestic creatures these are. I’d love to see them again …

It was indeed a lucky day!