Have you noticed the number of times you say the word “Like”?

Maybe you don’t say LIKE at all.

But if you’re similar to my kids then you might be saying it in every sentence.

She said to me like as if she didn’t know she had to go to PE. Like I couldn’t understand why she was being so dumb. Like duh!

I found it hard to write that as the LIKE word doesn’t come naturally to me. The word LIKE has not slipped into my sentences without my knowledge. Go on, I’m sure you can put some better LIKE sentences together!

I’ve noticed that the habitual use of LIKE has happened to many of us, especially the younger ones. But even us older folk have gotten into the LIKE habit.

When I catch my kids saying LIKE.

Then I say L WORD?

They then tell me not to be so BORING!

Of course, LIKE has a place in our sentences, but we need to use it properly. If you can remove the L Word from a sentence and it sounds fine, then there’s no need for it. Yes, I know, I do sound like a school teacher!

I think the L Word is part of the Americanisation of some many things in our lives. In this case, it’s the way we speak. But you and I know, it’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Like, what do I care? You may say.

It’s here to stay. Like it or not!