My friend’s son recently said to his father:

“Dad, why do I look like a Malay, have a Chinese name and speak like an Indian?”

His father could only smile.

Then his mother said, “That’s because you’re a Chindian!”

Adrian Ng, 16, is the product of a mixed marriage: a Chinese dad and an Indian mum.

And his handsome looks are typical Malay!

But when he speaks English, or even Bahasa Malaysia, he maintains a distinct Indian accent.

Adrian would appear to be the epitome of multiracial Malaysia.

He is also well aware that he needs to always carry his MyKad always, to prove that he is not a muslim should he be caught eating during Ramadan!

It is this multiracial element that makes Malaysia such a special place. From the delicious cuisine to the different peoples, including those of mixed marriages, there is a certain vibrancy here that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

Let us celebrate this diversity.

Adrian hopefully does … every day!