Who is Adam Liaw?

His father is Malaysian. His mother English.

Last night he beat Callum Hann to become Australia’s MasterChef. The TV show was hugely popular and the finals was watched by 3.9 million last night.

Even the election debate between the Australian PM and opposition leader had to change its time slot so as not to clash with the finals.

The big winner and a nice guy too!

The prize was A$100,000, plus the publication of his own cook book. Adam Liaw is now a big celebrity too.

Another competitior, Alvin Quah, who has Malaysian parents, made it to the top six and produced some wonderful dishes.

Who is Yeow Poh Ling?

She was last year’s runner-up in MasterChef. She now has her own cooking show on TV.

Warning: She has an infectious laugh!

It seems that the dispersion of people from Malaysia is producing celebrities!

And this is only in Australia …

So why is the Malaysian diaspora so successful?

Language makes a huge difference. Malaysians speak English fairly well.

An easy-going nature. Mixing with people from many different races makes us more tolerant, more open to differences and friendlier.

Good education. Malaysians put education first. Being a fairly affluent country also helps pay for it.

And, as for doing well in MasterChef, Malaysian’s love of food and cooking is second to none.

Congratulations Adam!

Great work, Alvin! Fantastic stuff, Poh!