A letter in The Star a couple of months back leapt at me.

Bulbir Singh wrote that in the West most people go without maids.

They “just do the daily chores, home and outside, themselves. Maybe this is what we [Malaysians] should do here, and why not?”

Why not indeed.

The letter-writer challenges us to do it for a day. Just to see what it’s like. Maybe then we’ll be quite happy to give our maids a raise!

I agree. Maybe then we might also give them a day off once a week. Perhaps then we wouldn’t shout at them. Maybe then we wouldn’t have them sleep on the floor in the store room.

I know most of us don’t abuse our maids. Most Malaysians (I think) are actually quite good to their maids. Perhaps even treating them as part of the family. But some are quite the reverse.

If maids in any particular household are replaced often, then I’m going to guess that it’s not the maid’s fault but the bosses. It also works in reverse, the longer a maid stays in a household, usually means the better she is being treated.

So, how often do you replace your maid?