I stepped out into the corridor and there they were … two men, obviously in love, exiting the hotel room.

I was struck by this thought.

If it was a man and a woman, unmarried to each other, then under Malaysian’s Islamic law, they would be guilty of khalwat or proximity.

As for the two men (or two women even) they would NOT be guilty of khalwat. So if the religious authorities barged into their hotel room and found them watching TV, then the authorities will just have to sheepishly leave.

But in Malaysia, sodomy is a criminal act.

So if the authorities found the two men in “in the act” then, yes, the alleged Anwar Ibrahim crime applies. I understand that Anwar has been the only person ever charged with this crime. So it’s not something that’s regularly enforced anyway!

But what if they found two women “in the act”.

Sorry, no sodomy here. So, no crime.

Unless there’s some other religious law against being gay which I don’t know about (and I confess that there are many things I don’t know about), then I think the two men or women are free to go!

I may be wrong, but it struck me that the religious laws are stricter against straights than gays.

So, unless you’re Anwar Ibrahim, being gay is a safer option!