Yep, that’s right, this is my 200th Post!

I began this blog in December 2006 whilst sitting in my brother’s office in KL. I was a little nervous as I wasn’t sure what I would write about. Who would read it? How would it be received?

My first post was actually an awful cheat. I cut and pasted my introduction to my then new book 44 Cemetery Road. And that was because I really had no idea what to put down!

So I can’t believe that I’ve now hit 200 posts.

The subjects have been diverse. I’ve talked about writing (my passion), books, publicised my events (perhaps the initial raison d’etre for the blog!), current topics (I’m news mad), philosophy (cool, huh?) and stuff that’s been of interest to me. I’ve stayed (mostly) away from religion and politics … though I must say that I’m enjoying Barry Wain’s biography on Mahathir. (I was in KL then and felt that I was part of all that was happening).

One wonderful thing about having this blog is meeting people. New blog friends are always welcome. Some have unfortunately passed on … but their comments are still fondly remembered.

I also regularly check the number of hits my blog gets. Yeah, I know, I can’t help but check on my popularity (or lack of it!).

My biggest daily hit was in August 2008 when my father passed away. Seems like death and blogging are intricately linked. Or is it because I just like discussing death?

I also can’t understand why some of my posts are so popular. “Who was Frank McCourt?” That one is the top hit most often. “Creative Writing: Where do I Start?” That’s another popular, though understandable, one. “My ZX81”. Lots of antique computer fans still out there.

Blogging is a extraordinary phenomena.

And so, thanks for visiting, Dear Blog Reader.

I wouldn’t Post if it wasn’t for you! ☺