I turn left onto the road our house is on. But something’s wrong.

It’s awfully dark. Are the streetlights not working?

I don’t know what it is … I can hardly see anything. I slow down. Why is it so awfully dark? I slow down further. There’s a sudden bump.

The car has hit the curb!

Then I realise what’s really wrong. And the realisation sends a shudder through me.

I’ve been driving at night without the headlights on!

My wife and I had gone out for dinner and then I drove 10kms without any lights on. We were so lucky not to have had an accident.

The streets were bright though and, except for the unusual reflections on the windscreen, I didn’t notice anything amiss. Not until I turned down our dark street. And still it didn’t register.

How could I’ve made such a dangerous and stupid mistake? This troubles and scares me …

I could’ve hit someone. A truck could have slammed into ours.

Small mistakes can lead to huge catastrophes.

As middle-age creeps over me, I realise that I perhaps need to concentrate more on the simple things. This is a scary reality too.