My eyes beheld the luxuriously-appointed room on the web and I yearned for it.

Weeks later, we were there!

The bath was just like in the photo, right next to that stunning view of beach and sea at Pulau Redang, on the east coast of Malaysia.

We were very privileged to be able to stay at this idyllic and expensive resort.

Sheer bliss!

My eyes feasted on the glorious view as the bath’s bubbling warm water soaked my tired muscles. I thought about how lucky I was and for a brief second, I even thought of you, my blog reader.

But then I cast you far from my mind, for I was on holiday … and how spoilt I was in such splendour!

But that night …

Drip, drip, drip … it went.

Through the long dark hours.

The bath was right beside the bed. There was no door I could close to shut the sound out.

It wasn’t a leaky spout. I could at least put a T-shirt beneath it, to stop the torture.

It was coming from the drainage pipe below. Tapping away, echoing inside the bedroom.

Bouncing around in my head, keeping us awake!

Ah, I was learning a lesson here.

Not all that glitters is gold, goes that all-too-wise expression.

So very true.

But you have to experience it first hand, to understand it so profoundly!

Drip, drip, drip …