If you haven’t seen it already, you will …

Pretty soon you’ll come across someone showing off their iPad.

You can browse the web, listen to music, read ebooks, magazines and journals. Update your Facebook and, of course, read this blog (if that’s the sort of thing that turns you on …)

You’ll even be able to do some rudimentary computing too … word processing, spread sheeting etc. And what’s to stop you writing your novel on it?

Anyway, it’s supposed to be glorious looking machine and all the reviews have generally been very complimentary.

So you may look on enviously and excitedly plan to get one yourself.

Or will you wonder what all the big fuss is about? Who are these people who are so easily seduced by technology, you might ask!

It depends on the person. Some of us desire the very latest gizmos, whilst others couldn’t give a hoot about them. After all, these companies will keep churning these technological, must-have marvels out, as long as someone out there is ready to pay for them.

What type of person are you?

Trouble is, I think I’m both! ☺

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