Do you sleep easy? Some do. Many don’t.

Imagine being woken by a commotion, heavy footsteps and loud knocks on your door.

You scurry out of bed, heart pounding, your girlfriend opens the door and there stand the stocky grim men, their official IDs pinned to their shirts. Peeping through the bedroom door, you panic. You know you’re guilty, you must not get caught. You slip outside the window to hide, perhaps to make your way along the ledge to the stairwell and flee from there.

But you slip … and fall to your death.

You are only twenty-one, in love and a student in a nearby college.

I read about the incident in The Star.

I wonder if those religious officials have any remorse for the young man’s death?

Was raiding the young couple’s apartment at 1.40am such a good idea?

Can this “community-minded” person who gave the religious authorities the tip off live with him or herself?

Should we continue to allow such raids at the dead of night?

Malaysia, a country that intends to become a developed country in 2020, should find other means of enforcing its Islamic laws of proximity or khalwat.

Counselling couples in the brightness of day rather than scaring them half to death (in this case, literally, to death itself) in the dead of night is a better, less confrontational, less scary way. Isn’t education a more effective route?