I hobbled into Pilates on Tuesday.

I walked out an hour later!

What? How? Why?

I almost didn’t go to the class because the doctor I saw the day before said that I really need to rest the knee. That’s because I was limping so badly. She suggested an ultrasound to see if I’d torn any ligaments.

So I thought I should cancel the lesson. But changed my mind at the last minute.

Once my instructor saw my problem, she immediately forgot about Pilates and did a 10 minute Emmett massage.

“Now walk,” she said. “Trust it, and walk.”

And I did.

“It’s a miracle,” I gasped.

I was no longer hobbling. Sure, I was walking uncertainly, but I was WALKING!

I couldn’t believe it.

So what is Emmet?

I don’t normally promote products or services, but I’m grateful for what happened to me so, if you like (and especially if you have bodily pains), you can find out HERE.

Today, I’m still walking, slowly getting more confident one day later.

Thanks for all your kind wishes … it means a lot to me.

Now, the iPad scam?

I received this email yesterday:

Hello Tunku Halim,

Your contact (name of someone I know) invites you to participate in an iPad review program.
Marketing research companies are looking for individuals who are interested in reviewing the new Apple iPad. The testing period lasts one month, after which reviewers can keep the device as a reward.
To see more details or to register to our program, follow the link below:



The Beta Testing Inc Group

I visited the website and I was so, so tempted.

But surely, surely this has to be a scam. I Googled “iPad testing program” and the results it threw up convinced me it’s neither halal nor kosher. It just didn’t seem right.

If something seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true.

That’s a saying we’ve got to heed.

There are no free lunches out there.

So I’m just going to WALK away! 🙂