Ruby Ahmad recently passed away from breast cancer.

I didn’t know her personally but because we had visited each other’s blogs and left comments, I do feel as if I’ve lost a friend. Well, actually I have lost a friend.

There are different types of friendship.

Ruby’s blog is still up. Her last post was on Valentine’s Day. I tried to leave a condolence message, like so many others tried, but my comment needed the blog owner’s approval. And Ruby’s not around to do that.

I’m sure there would have been hundreds of condolence messages and what a pity we cannot read them all. They’re just sitting there in Blogspot waiting for the owner to return to click “approve”. But, alas, she is gone …

Kak Teh recently wrote an article about Ruby in the NST.

When a blogger dies, his or her blog lives on.

If the late blogger’s family knows the blog password then they can decide whether to let it remain or delete it. If they don’t know the password, then the blog will just carry on as a sort of autobiography or even a testimony to the late blogger’s life. It can be read by anyone and it’ll endure through time.

Until the owner of the blog publishing system deletes it.

Which may be never.

And so all the posts, all the comments will remain for all to read.

If you were writing your last post, what would you say?