Bew village is both horrific and wonderful.

The village has a fantastic bookshop, a brilliant library, a huge music store, an efficient travel agent and lots of alluring boutiques.

Prices are cheaper too.

There’re also several nice cafés where you can meet friends, old and new, and just check out what’s happening. There are fun places too where you can go play games.

Yes, there are many interesting places to visit in Bew village.

The trouble is that just around the corner is a sex shop, several peep shows, a casino, a swingers “dating” agency, a racist information centre, a child pornography dealer and other places you might find undesirable.

Bad folk hang around town too. Other than a few bullies, there are some adults go there to try to make “friends” with young kids. Beware of the cheats who’ll try to rip you off. Lots of these baddies wear disguises.

So will you let your young son or daughter go there whenever they wish? Without you constantly by their side? Would you let them spend hours there alone?

Even grown ups go there so often, and spend such a long time at the village, that they neglect those at home.

You’ve probably guessed it. Bew village is the Web.

What page is your child acessing today? What links have they clicked on?

What adverts are they seeing? Whom are they emailing?

And what personal information is your child giving out?

Do you know?

Believe me, Bew village can be a dangerous place.

So, may I ask, what are you doing here? 🙂