I was in MPH a few weeks ago when I was struck by a scene that stopped me in my tracks.

A man in his early thirties was looking over some calendars on sale and accidentally knocked several over in full view of all the other shoppers. His daughter, who must have been about six or seven, urged him to pick them up. He didn’t. Instead he continued examining the calendars as if nothing happened.

What was this father teaching his child, I wondered?

Is it to not own up if you’re at fault?
Or to not bother correcting your mistake because someone else will fix it?
Or not to demean yourself by having to stoop and picking something off the ground?

Then to my surprise and delight, the girl began picking the calendars up and started to put them back on the shelf!

This young child was teaching her father something.

She was showing him civic-mindedness. She was showing him a caring atitude.

She was showing him up!

The father then grabbed the girl’s hand and dragged her out of the store. I felt real pity for her, for instead of being praised, I knew she would be reprimanded.

She was going to be scolded for doing the right thing.

I wonder what we’re teaching our children today? And I wonder what our children can teach us?

That little girl had an inherent goodness in her, despite having such an uncaring father. Yes, he was uncaring, uncaring for the society that we live in.

I remember a wise person once said: “Try to leave the world a better place.”

If only everyone tried to do so …