Here’s the thing …

This afternoon I knew exactly what I was going to blog about. It was going to be exciting: politics, scandal, sex, corruption, more sex, all mixed together. But now I’ve forgotten it!!! 😦

Has that ever happened to you?

You go into the kitchen to get something and when you get there you’re left bewildered.

It happens to me sometimes. Especially when there’re too many things going on. Too much multi-tasking, you could say.

Memory is a strange thing.

I can easily recall my car registration no. (my number plate lah!) from the Ford Telstar I drove two decades ago, but I’ve trouble remembering my current one. I can’t remember what I had for lunch last week but I can write down in detail all the meals they served us at boarding school. I can remember my old Identity Card no. but not my new one. The list goes on …

Anyway, a long time ago I bought and read Harry Lorraine’s How to Get a Super Power Memory but I’ve forgotten what it was all about. There was something though about Memory Keys, yet I keep misplacing my car keys (usually I’ve left it in my jeans). Sometimes I also misplace my hand/mobile/cell phone and have to use the landline to call it, so I can find the infernal thing. I sometimes forget what to call the infernal communications device … hand, mobile or cell phone, depending on the where the person I’m speaking to hails from. Gosh, life is so complicated.

Memory is indeed a strange thing.

Hopefully, I’ll remember by next week what I was going to blog about.