The 3 things I miss most about living in my country of birth are the 3Fs.

What are these Fs? Well, they’re simply:


And not necessarily in that order! 🙂

Anyway, on one of my visits, it was restaurant after restaurant after restaurant.

Family and friends wanted to meet for:

afternoon tea
high tea
and supper!

I was looking chubbier, my stomach began to swell. The swimming and Yoga wasn’t helping. And still the invitations kept coming in …

So I decided, for the sake of my weight and general self-esteem, to cut out the meat from my diet. No chicken, no lamb, no beef.

But seafood was allowed.

After all, I never felt bloated after a seafood meal, whereas the meat-laden ones always had me clutching my belly and moaning: “I’m so full!”

I felt quite healthy with my seafood, or pescatarian, diet despite the volume I was consuming. So I decided to continue even after I left the company of family and friends far behind.

I’m still at it 13 months later.

I’ve also blogged about Is a Meat Free Diet Good For You?

I’ve tried tasting meat again though but my taste buds really need to get used to it again. For the moment, meat tastes so incredibly rich. Like eating butter.

Oh, yes, I’ve also lost 5kgs since I stopped eating meat. I don’t think I’ve done anything extra in terms of exercise. I eat whenever I want and as much as I like. I enjoy cakes, chocolates and ice cream regularly.

I probably will get back to eating meat again, but not for the moment.

I’m happy eating what I’m eating!