I miss the days of the car park attendant sticking his grubby hand out at me, taking the cash and roughly handing back the change with a bored look on his face.

At least there was some human contact there. Now we queue so obediently at those Autopay Machines. Yes, the machines are taking over, controlling our activities. Soon it’ll be Terminator time!

Of course, those Autopay machines steal jobs from real people. I know there’s going to be less money disappearing into the car park attendant’s pocket but hey, those machines cost money and they’ve got to be maintained too!

Sometimes these machines defy all logic. Or perhaps it’s just the human, not thinking rationally.

I was caught out just the other day …

I slipped by ticket into the machine and it said I had to pay two bucks. Fine. No problem. Except I had no change. Only a fifty. So I pushed the note into the slot, expecting some change in notes and coins.

All I got were the coins. Lots and lots and lots of them!

My pockets were weighed full of coins. I learnt my lesson then … never trust a machine.

After all, which human would do that to you?