Just the other day, I FINALLY printed out my new novel.

It’s always great to hear the printer humming away as it churns out page after page after page of your hard work. It’s wonderful to see your soft copy turn hard.

Ninety thousand words is a lot of words. It’s been a long journey and it’s not over yet. My wife read a very early draft. She’s going to read this new one and I hope she likes it. Once she’s done, I’ll be poring through it, trying to improve it and looking for mistakes. But I reckon it’s pretty much cooked.

I think I’ve printed out four drafts now over the past five years. As they say, writing is re-writing.

You find out a lot about yourself when you write a novel. It’s just you and your thoughts … and the characters you create and where they take you and where you take them … and all that kind of stuff.

It’s not a horror novel. Maybe not even Gothic. But it’s taken me to some new places, like Pengkalan Lee Kwan Yew, the Hilton at Mahathir Boulevard and the bomoh’s cave at Sungei Mati.

When is it coming out? Don’t know yet.

First it has to find itself a home with a publisher.

Then, very hopefully, it’ll find itself in your home and in your hands …