It’s hard to believe that 3 years have passed and it’s the third anniversary of my blog.

You can find my very first post here. It was quite a lazy one as I didn’t know what to say in that post. It felt very alien writing it … and I was even a little intimidated.

I must say that things come naturally now … but I’m not sure if the contents are any better. 🙂

Today, is Boxing Day.

No, it’s got nothing to do with the barbaric fine sport.

Boxing Day is actually the day when charity boxes, called “box money” or “dole of the Christmas box”, placed in churches are distributed by priests. Not too different from Zakat, I suppose. Charity is good … right?

New Year is upon us, another decade is passing … 1980 -> 1990 -> 2000 -> 2010!

I still recall 1980 turning to 1990. I felt a bit sad as I felt, even back then, that time was passing too quickly.

Alas, it’s marching even more rapidly today.

It’s supposed to accelerate the older we get. So you young ones out there, enjoy your new year, enjoy your youth, for it rapidly fades …

But guess what? You become just a little bit wiser! 🙂