I know a lot of us do. It is a dream, sometimes unattainable, sometimes just out of reach.

David Armstrong, British author of several crime novels, tells you that you should not!

In How Not To Write A Novel, he says that if you go into any bookstore you’ll be:

“… mightily depressed at the books piled and stacked and ranged before you there. Be mortified by all those titles. Be horrified at the prospect of having to read even the tiniest fraction of them, and be truly suicidal (and probably certifiably insane) if you think you want to join them.”

His advise is that you’ll be better off playing golf or improving your tennis.

He quotes Joseph Epstein, writing in the New York Times, who said:

“According to a recent survey, 81% of Americans feel they have a book in them – and that they should write it. As the author of fourteen books, I’d like to do what I can do to discourage them. Something of the order of 80,000 new books are published in America every year, most of them not needed, not wanted, not in any way remotely necessary … so why add to the schlock pile?”

So, do you still want to be a writer?

Why not!

Writing can be just a hobby. I know most will want their work published. But I reckon start it off as a hobby, something that will give you a lot of satisfaction. It is a wonderful pasttime. Perhaps then later we can dream.

But always recalling the warning: Do you really want to be a PUBLISHED WRITER?