“I’d love to see An Early Winter Morning’s Nightmare,” I said.
“That’s not funny,” said my thirteen-year-old daughter. “Not funny at all!”
She’d just told me that she’d like to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

If my wife wants to order Fish Ball Soup, I’ll say I prefer Octopus Brain Broth. If my son wants to watch Iron Man, I’ll suggest Plastic Boy.

Yes, I can really be quite silly sometimes, much to the irritation of my poor family. My brand is humour is not particularly amusing, but it does stimulate this aging mind. I sometimes like to change words to the opposite, a synonym or something approximating it anyway.

The more challenging the better!

Here are some examples:

New Straits Times => Old Gulf Divide

Global Financial Crises => Local Sociological Euphoria

Prawn Cocktail => Oyster Ballshead

Tiger Woods => Antelope Jungle

Children’s Encyclopedia => Adult’s Dictionary

Fish Head Curry => Dog Tail Stew

Microsoft => Macrohard

You get the picture. It’s quite easy really.

Try doing these ones:

South East Asia =>

Wall Street Journal =>

Roast Chicken Wings =>

Second Hand Books =>

Federal Highway =>

… it really is fun! 🙂