I thought that it’s high time that I got my own website going again. I did have one several years back but never got around to renewing the domain name … I know, I’m a real marketing guru!

Anyway, it’s at http://tunkuhalim.com and is still under construction so don’t bother clicking on anything. But I do like that quite “scary” photo of me. This site is primarily to publicize my dark stories … so no history for children here unfortunately. Suggestions for what you’d like to see on the site are welcome too.

I’m told that it’s quite hard to get 44 Cemetery Road, Gravedigger’s Kiss or Juriah’s Song in the book stores nowadays. So if you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, do get the shop to order it in or visit MPH online (they’re doing free deliveries until 30 Nov … so hurry!)

I understand from my friend Zewt that Malaysia may soon implement the GST … so better get those books before the price goes up!

See … told you I was a marketing guru.