I’ve always felt a bit sorry for vegetarians. Even those “semi-vegetarians” who do eat seafood (technically called “pescatarians”).

They have to give up all those wonderful foods: beef, lamb, duck, chicken … chicken, can you believe it? How can you live without lovely fried chicken, chicken rice, chicken satay, chicken curry?

Of course, many people are vegetarians for religious even moral reasons, but why the heck would you want to do so for any other reason?

Health? Come on … where are you going to get your protein from?

And are we going to believe Kurma Dasa in Great Vegetarian Dishes who says:

“… when I switched from a predominantly meat-based diet to a vegetarian one … I was tested at the Percival Institute in Toronto [and] had the highest fitness index of any athlete in Canada!

… meat, fish, poultry, and eggs contain a high percentage of concentrated pure protein, along with high levels of cholestrol. When one eats pure protein, the body cannot use it in that form; it must break it down into amino acids, expending energy with this extra step. This drain on the body’s energy takes away from an athlete’s performance. Also these foods contain a lot of toxins …”

There are many arguments to the contrary, some are, of course, naturally funded by meat marketing boards and other lobby groups for the meat industry. But Kurma Dasa’s book is unashamedly highly supportive of the Hare Krishnas … so who should we believe?

Anyway, why my sudden ranting about vegetarianism?

You see, I have to admit, and I do it sheepishly, that I haven’t eaten meat for about 11 months now. I may soon go back to eating meat, but, for the moment, I’m a pescatarian, which means I eat seafood. What the heck’s wrong with me, you may ask?

Why on earth would I want to give up those delicious foods … roast duck, lamb stew, beef rendang?

I’ll tell you more in another post.

For the moment, I will say that I go to karate lessons twice a week … and, to my surprise, my fitness level has increased!