You mentioned in an interview that you don’t like the term horror. How would you describe your own writing?

I don’t particularly like the term horror for my own writing because it creates an expectation on the readers’ part that the writing will scare them. If you’re a horror writer, then you necessarily have to write scary stories. It puts a box around you …

That’s from an interview I did with Charles Tan for the Apex Book Company (Where Science Fiction and Horror Collide) website and you can read the full interview here.

The Apex Book Company recently published one of my early but favourite short stories, “Biggest Baddest Bomoh”, in The Apex Book of World SF Anthology. In this volume you’ll discover 16 stories from the speculative fiction genre from many countries including Thailand, Netherlands, China and the Phillippines.


Publishers Weekly reviewed the book as a “medley of horror-tinged fantasy tales … focused and interesting are Dean Francis Alfar’s whimsical “The Kite of Stars,” which describes a journey across fantastical landscapes, and Tunku Halim’s “Biggest Baddest Bomoh,” where an office drone consults a deadly shaman for help with his love life.”

And what is in store for our office drone, you ask?

You may, if you’ve read my stuff, already know the answer … but there are other dark tales here awaiting your pleasure!