I’m a bit sad today.

I handed to keys to our country cottage to the estate agent to rent out for us. I’m surrendering it for someone else to use.

It really is a cute cottage where I’ve spent many hours writing my novel over the past two years. You might have read about it in a post from last year.

You see, we haven’t been using it very much these last few months. There has been so much happening at home that we rarely drive to our cottage which is only just over an hour away. Also, in winter, it does get rather cold there, since it is in the highlands.

So it’s a bit of a waste, and I really don’t like seeing things go to waste.

But as I was packing our personal effects, I had a real sense of sadness. The cottage really has become part of me. I’ve been so lucky to have had use of it.

A sheep near the cottage says hello ... and goodbye!
A sheep near the cottage says hello ... and goodbye!

The last time I felt like this was when I sold my trusty Toyota Corolla which I had for 10 years. That was so much a part of me too.

It’s strange how we sometimes get so attached to things and places.

Alas … it’s time to let go … and move on.

Oh, yes, I’m also in the current issue of Tell magazine. Here’s a photo stitch from it:

The three of me ...
The three of me ...

I’m described as a writer-cum-graphic designer-cum-illustrator-cum-photographer-cum-can’t remember what else!

I was in the same magazine, two years ago.

They must like me! 🙂