My daughter was late coming out of her ballet lesson this evening.

So whilst sitting and waiting in the car, I decided to mess about with the mobile phone and took a few shots of myself.

So here they are:

You can see that I was getting a bit irritated as it turned out to be a twenty-five minute wait!

(They are getting ready for their end-of-year concert so I’ll forgive the ballet teacher)

Incidentally, on the subject of cars, I read in the Australian newspapers that the Chinese car brand Great Wall only managed a “lacklustre” two-star rating with its utility vehicle in independent crash testing. So beware of Chinese cars it seems! But the paper was confident that Great Wall would soon fix these problems as they have reacted quickly to such issues before.

Unfortunately, in the same crash tests, the Proton Jumbuck did even worse with a “disastrous” one-star rating!