Sometimes you’ve just got to go out and do stuff.

You’ve got to appreciate what there is out there, and go beyond the day to day.

I read somewhere that the Dalai Lama said that you should, at least once a year, visit a place you haven’t been before.

So we took a few days off and went to Cradle Mountain in the north of Tasmania. We had been here on our honeymoon many years before, but this was the first time with our two children. Although I had been there on two other occasions without the family, it was my first walk around Lake Dove.

Despite the rain, and it poured and poured all day, we still bravely headed off on our hike. The signboard said that it was a 2 hour walk but it took us 3 hours. It didn’t help that a good part of the track had turned into a stream!

We could have taken the easy way out though and not gone … after all it was raining heavily. But I remembered from my daughter’s Montessori days that the teacher said that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. We had all our wet weather gear with us, so there was no excuses!

At Lake Dove with wet weather gear
At Lake Dove with wet weather gear

I really enjoyed our walk in the rain. The air was fresh. The views stunning. And the rain gave everything a different feel. And the waterfalls and streams were just gushing away.

Being out in the rain reminded me of when I was a boy in St John’s in KL. Once, during a torrential rain, a few of us 7-year-olds rushed out into the football field, just to play out there and get soaking wet! I think we got into a lot of trouble … but it was fun!

Sometimes you’ve just got to get out there and do stuff.