Thank you everyone for your kind condolences. It hasn’t been a good year for our family. My father passed away exactly one year ago. He passed away at KLIA of all places. A rather unique place to leave this world but then again he was a rather unique man who lived live to the full.

They say that the passing of a parent makes one’s mortality seem very real, even closer. Perhaps this has been the case for me, although I’ve always, in my adult life, thought of my own mortality and, as such, have had a yearning to find meaning. Perhaps that is why I write. Why I left the corporate world.

On a lighter, more refreshing, note, I’m delighted to say that History of Malaysia – A Children’s Encyclopedia is now on Amazon. Unfortunately, stock is very limited.

Did I mention that I’m in the current issue of Going Places (the Malaysian Airlines inflight magazine)? Lydia Teh, Robert Raymer and I wrote a story jointly for the Merdeka issue. It’s about a woman who was in a car accident who, after a coma, wakes up many years later. I’m very grateful for the people at Going Places for coming up with this innovative idea.

I’ve been thinking of coming up with some recipes which include that magic ingredient, star anise. But you’ll have to wait for that one!