I’ve had a ticklish throat for a couple of days. Yesterday, I was feeling quite tired with a slight headache. But no … it’s not swine flu. If you’ve got swine flu or normal flu, the effect is quite dramatic. Today, you’re perfectly fine and tomorrow you’re laid up in bed, feeling (if I recall from my last bout of flu several years ago) that you’re about to die!


I’ve read that over here there is a one in five chance of catching the virus. And if you’re got kids at school, which we have, then the chances are greater. So, hello Swine Flu, here I come! (The thought of it sends a piggish shiver down my spine)

Luckily, the effects are not as bad as first thought. Fairly mild actually. Headache, cold, body aches, fever. One of the teenage boys at Karate was down with it. He said it wasn’t too bad. But he’s healthy. Then again, the old and the young, seemed to get badly hit by this bug. There are a lot of contradictions out there.

As you know people have died from it and will continue to do so. Usually because of an underlying health problem. This includes obesity … so maybe for some of us it’s time for that diet. Diet or die, has a certain ring to it. My apologies, the horror writer in me is surfacing.

A couple of friends thought that it’s a good idea to deliberately catch swine flu now whilst it’s in its milder form. The idea is to get resistant to it, so that if the thing does become a real killer, then they may escape the death sentence.

The good news is that the vaccine is being made. Unfortunately, it’s still a couple of months away. Hopefully, the virus won’t turn real nasty before that time.

Know anyone with swine flu yet?

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