On my last trip back to KL, I was interviewed by BFM radio.

It was great fun ,,,

Shazmin, the DJ, did a great job and I was made to feel very comfortable.

To listen to it, just click here.

One day I’ll learn how to insert the media player (if that’s what you call it) here. I tried embed the podcast by pasting it but the html just disappeared every time I tried to publish it. One day, I’ll find out …

At the moment we’re moving furniture around at home, particularly the children’s rooms. We felt like we needed a change. It’s also a good opportunity to declutter, to get rid of unnecessary stuff. I read somewhere that all that unnecessary stuff we hoard gives rise to negative energy.

Mostly, I find that change is good. That’s why we go on holidays, just to have a change from our normal lives.

Here’s a photo of me in Hyde Park …


I like the David Bowie song “Changes”.

Do you like change?