I recently found out an old friend’s address from another friend. Well actually both pals are old school mates from 27 years ago. I also discovered, and it really made me laugh, was that my old buddy did not “do computers”.

What does this mean? He, I assume, does not use computers of any kind. No word processing. No spreadsheets and certainly no internet. That means no email and you can forget about Facebook and Twitter.

How refreshing it is to find someone who doesn’t use computers!


Does this guy belong to another age, I hear you ask, one not far removed from the realm of dinosaurs? I don’t think so. It’s a matter of choice. Why follow the crowd? Why bunny hop in the same direction? Why fall off the cliff like so many lemmings? Exactly what this metaphorical cliff is I can’t tell you.

Anyway, I wrote my friend a letter. I saw black ink tangling its way across a page. My handwriting didn’t seem too bad. It was wonderful to pen such a letter. I can’t recall the last time I had done so. Perhaps it was in the days before email. (I think I sent my first email across the internet around 1997 and the first web page I downloaded was the Star online which took many minutes to appear).

The letter will get there in about a week or so. Hopefully, I may get a reply in 3 weeks. This is indeed something to look forward to. No instant communication. No instant gratification. This is real snail mail. Time itself slows.

Do you have any friends that “don’t do” computers?