Some where along the old road between Melaka and Port Dickson lies Pengkalan Kempas.

Here you’ll find the Ordeal Stone. Here’s how it works. If you put your arm into the hole in the centre of the stone and then tell a lie, the hole will tighten painfully around your arm. I was there a few months back and am afraid to report that I didn’t dare find out if this ancient lie detector test really works.


Beside the Ordeal Stone are the famous Sword, Spoon and Rudder. Megaliths are found all over Negri Sembilan but these ones are special because they’re carved. They’re more than 600 hundred years old and maybe of Hindu origin. No one really knows the function of these megaliths or, as the locals call them, “Living Stones” or “Batu Hidup”. They’re quite mysterious and, to me, appear quite powerful.

If you’re ever somewhere between PD and Melaka, I urge you to drop by and take a peek for yourself. They’re something special. I reckon more people should visit this historic treasure. It’s also a great place for tourists to visit.

Have you been?