I still think kids should steer clear of the internet or, at least, they should be strictly supervised.

My daughter wanted an email address. No problem. So many much younger kids are emailing (and receiving all kinds of junk mail). Next it’s Facebook or My Space. Blogging. Second Life. Then Twitter (whatever that is) and then the next technological fad …

When is there time to play outside?

I should talk. Here I am on posting this on my blog. I should be out there taking a walk where the real world is. Or at least reading (I’m currently reading Gavin Menzies 1421 and trying to decide which novel to pick up). Or watching TV. Or talking to the kids.

Apparently, the younger generation don’t watch all that much TV. They are entertained (hypnotised?) by the internet. The cyber world has almost become the real world.

The trouble is that the internet is addictive. That’s why we try to limit the kids’ time on it. That’s why I try to limit my own time on it, but fail miserably.

The only solution? Disconnect.

But then I couldn’t stay in touch with you good folk.

And snail mail it’s just not going to work, is it?

So I’ll still be here … addicted or not!

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(Oh, what would we do without the internet!)