I knew I was taking a small risk. Well, it may have been a big one, depending on how you view things.

So I was relieved when Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak became Malaysia’s new Prime Minister last week. No … no, all you opposition supporters, please don’t send me hate emails yet …

I try to run an apolitical blog here.

No, I’m talking about my encyclopedia (what else!)

I didn’t want my new book to be out of date months after it was published. So I took a gamble. I wrote:

Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, son of the 2nd Prime Minister, is to takeover as Prime Minister in March 2009.

I may have been completely and utterly wrong. It might have been Anwar!

At the last minute I took out the words “in March”.

Phew! That was lucky. He became PM in April.

Here’s the page, which might so easily have been wrong. But, as of last week, it’s the most up to date encyclopedia of Malaysian history in print!

You may clap now if you like 🙂

I could so easily have been wrong!
I could so easily have been wrong!

By the way, my encyclopedia was mentioned in Daphne Lee’s column in The Star on Sunday. She had some great things to say about the book and some good suggestions too for the future. My thanks to her!

My book was mentioned in The Star on Sunday
My book was mentioned in The Star on Sunday

History is definitely heating up. There’s a new PM and lots going on politically. But we must always look at the bigger picture. Although history is being made every day, it goes back thousands of years.

History also repeats itself and thus has much to teach us …

For the moment, I’m just happy that my risk paid off!