I’m really beginning to wonder what the benefit of the internet is for kids.

No, please don’t shoot me yet. I know the benefits:

1. Information at their fingertips
2. Social networking
3. Email communication
4. Games

But what are the risks?

We’ve heard about cyber bullying. Recently, a girl killed herself because she thought a boy jilted her on the internet. Actually the “boy” was a spiteful girl.

And what about the adults who pretend to be kids so that they can befriend young children on the internet? What if the child goes out to meet that perverted adult?

Most internet use is to seek out pornographic material. Much of it is unsolicited. Just check out your email inbox or adverts that appear out of the blue!

With every whim and fancy available on the internet, we as adults have to be very cautious on the web. Yet will our kids be equally cautious or will they be attracted to its risks?

It seems to me that all the benefits of the internet have a readily available non-internet alternative.

1. Information at their fingertips – get a CD-ROM encyclopedia

2. Social networking – meet up in person

3. Email communication – use the phone / SMS

4. Games – buy a computer game or play outside

What do you think?