This was my 2nd creative writing course I’ve given. The last one was 12 months ago, also at MPH.

I did have you guys working hard I know. Just have a look at the photo! As always, what you put into a course is what you get out of it. And you guys did put a lot in. I know because you produced lots of good writing and improved as you went along. So I was very glad. Thanks for reading them to the class and also reading out excerpts from “Juriah’s Song”.

Working hard lah!
Working hard lah!

I also know, from the many questions asked, that you folk were taking it all in. I’m happy that you went away knowing that you’d done lots of writing. You can expand on it and perhaps create your own short story.

Do remember:
1. Writing is Rewriting
2. Use the tools: description, setting, dialogue, character, plot etc.
3. Put your writing away, then return to it with fresh eyes
4. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar etc – only at the end
5. In a writing competition, if you put the hard work in, you’re won!
6. You get better, the more you write.

I enjoyed giving the course and I hope you guys did too. I wish we could have spent more time together!

Class Photo
Class Photo

I’m very excited this week as my encyclopedia has been printed. MPH distributors should be sending it out to the shops within a couple of weeks I hope. Do take a look and let me know what you think of it.