That’s right. Just ask the family of those killed by the Santa gunman in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve. He slaughtered eight people, including his ex wife and her parents, before turning the handgun on himself.

The murderer was dressed as Santa Claus. He knocked on the door where there was a Christmas party going on and when it was opened by an 8-year-old girl, he shot her in the face.


Other than the deranged proximity of the two ideas (celebration and presents v. cold-blooded murder), what drew my attention to this sickening incident was that the killer was a year older than I.

What were his thoughts? What drove him to this madness? Was there no hope, no sign of light amidst the suffocating evil that embraced him?

In the back of my mind is the thought that he had seen this in a movie somewhere. It gave him the deadly idea. It validated his vengeful desire.

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry XMas and a Happy New Year. I started writing the post and ended up with this horrible story. It is the horror writer in me. My apologies.

As our thoughts turn to 2009, let us hope for a better year, a peaceful one where madness and death is conquered and where happiness reigns.

Have a safe holiday season and enjoy the festivities.