Pengat Pisang

When I was last in KL, I reacquainted my taste buds with Pengat Pisang and I loved it!
So I googled it, found a recipe and have since made it twice.


Here is my version:

1. Slice 5 bananas. (You can do it thickly or thinly in any shape you like depending on the outcome you seek.)

2. Heat 1 cup of water in a saucepan and add a quarter to half a cup of sugar (depends on how sweet you want it, you can add more sugar later). Allow sugar to dissolve. Add a pinch of salt.

3. Add in the bananas.

4. Add 2 cups coconut milk or coconut cream. (I prefer the tin variety over the powdered variety. If watching your weight, use the light version of coconut milk.) Bring it to boil until the bananas are soft. Serve warm.

I love it. I hope you do!

P.S Do visit my encyclopedia website if you haven’t done so already.

17 responses to “Pengat Pisang

  1. I wonder how one translates pengat pisang to English. Banana porridge? :P

  2. So simple, yet so refreshingly delicious! Nothing beats Malaysia when it comes to food!

  3. kalau pakai gula melaka dan tambah daun pandan..lagi harum…

  4. TH,
    my mom told me to add the sugar last. Not sure why.
    Add some sago for extra ummph..

  5. Tunku, pengat is one of my favourites as well. Do put one or two cloves – that will enhance the flavour. Another version is to add sago.

  6. me agree wth ezzaaziz

  7. Hi TH

    Thanks for the recipe. Another easy one to add to my list. I thought about adding sago and mentioning about it but Kak Teh beat me to it. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Yum, must try all these versions. I made sago gula melaka and I had too much gula syrup, then I boiled more sago and now I’ve too little gula. It goes on and on; maybe I can break the cycle with pengat pisang, ya? :)

  9. hi th,

    [first comment, though not first visit.]

    i also love pengat pisang.

    you may want to try this:

    don’t put any sugar, or very little when you prepared the pengat.

    instead serve it with hershey’s (or your favourite brand) chocolate syrup.

    i was going to suggest adding a couple of cloves but kak teh already beat me to it.

  10. TH,
    Next time you just put in a simple recipe with just the basic ingredients and let your readers add the rest.

  11. Kenny – I think Pengat means ‘sweet sauce’. But whatever it means, it’s delicious!

    Pugly – I can’t agree with you more. Simple is best lah!

    Ezza – Good idea. Gula melaka dan daun pandan menjadikannya lebih sedap.

  12. DNAS – I’ll definitely try it with sago.

    Kak Teh – And I’ll add in cloves too.

    ipv6 – I agree with you too. :)

    JT – This is definitely an easy one. Try it instead of Christmas pudding. :)

  13. Argus – Good plan. You’ll have lots of Gula Melaka and lots of Pengat Pisang. Just don’t go bananas!

    Mekyam – Good idea as a variation. I love chocolate sauce!

    Pak Zawi – An even better idea. It’ll become a recipe puzzle!

  14. Uhmm.. interesting. I always thought that you steam the bananas wholesale first and then dribble the coconut milk over it. That way, you do not have to add sugar or gula melaka as the sweetness of the banana would have emerged as it gets steamed to near pulp-like.

    But I must say that your method is easier and sounds more yummy. You can literally slurp the whole thing in one go. *grins*

  15. Andrea – That’s an interesting alternative. Another one to do with bananas is to put it into an oven for about half an hour. They come out soft and sweet. Also you could make a slit and put in a slice of chocolate then put it into the oven. Even more delicious!. Nigel from Just Heavenly passed me that yummy recipe … :)

  16. nk try ny.. nk buat buke puase.

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