I don’t normally blog about politics, even though Malaysian politics is absolutely riveting. The last few months have been most interesting and we wonder who will be the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I’m keen to know it too as I would like my encyclopedia to be up to date. If my book says that Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak will be the next PM, and then Anwar takes over in December, then the encyclopedia is immediately out of date.

This brings me to the RAHMAN formula. It takes its name for Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Malaysia’s first Prime Minister and fondly called “Bapa Malaysia”.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra

As some of you can guess, I am particularly keen on matters of the Occult. Occult does not mean witchcraft and things that suck your blood in the night, but rather it means “the Unknown”. It may be about superstition and the supernatural, but more broadly, it is about Unknown Knowledge.

The RAHMAN formula fits the category perfectly.

The formula is a way of predicting the identity of Malaysia’s future PMs.

Here’s how it works …

R – Tunku Abdul RAHMAN Putra: 1st PM
A – Tun ABDUL Razak: 2nd PM
H – Tun HUSSEIN Onn: 3rd PM
M – Tun MAHATHIR Mohamad: 4th PM
A – Dato’ Seri ABDULLAH Ahmad Badawi: 5th PM
N – Dato’ Seri Mohd NAJIB Tun Razak ???

You can easily argue, like Nostradamus’s quatrains, that the formula only seems to work when viewed retrospectively. Take the 2nd example above, why use the A in ABDUL rather than the R in RAZAK, as the chosen letter? Or why use the A in Abdullah instead of the B in Badawi (as the PM is commonly known) in the 5th example?

Anyway, if the prediction is correct then Najib will be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. This is supposed to happen in March 2009, when Badawi is supposed to step aside. But then again Anwar may well get sufficient MPs to switch sides and proclaim himself as Prime Minister. The RAHMAN formula would then be rubbished.

But then again, some would say the formula rubbish in the first place, dreamt up by someone with nothing better to do or with the aim of achieving political mileage. I though find the formula intriguing.

Unknown knowledge, the mysteries of the universe, can be more riveting than who will become Malaysia’s next PM.