One of the reasons we moved from Sydney to Hobart was to fulfill my long-held dream. And that is to live by the sea.

Not 5 minutes walk away but literally a stone’s throw from the water. Sydney does have its waterfront houses, the start around AUD$5 million (RM14 million at today’s exchange rate). Hobart was and still is much more affordable and so we caught that plane and flew 2 hours south.

View from a waterfront home in Hobart
View from a waterfront home in Hobart

When we lived in Section 16, PJ, I used to play a Genesis song called “Home by the Sea” and even though I knew the song was about another subject entirely, I still yearned. For younger folk who may not know, Genesis is a band that had Phil Collins as lead singer (it’s previous lead singer was Peter Gabriel). As a teenager studying in London I bought a ticket from a scalper and got a front row seat for a Peter Gabriel concert. He sang “Lay Your Hands On Me” and arms outstretched fell into the audience. I was one of those who stuck out our arms and caught him. He then swam on a sea of hands over the crowd. It’s a wonderful memory.

Genesis – looking for that Home by the Sea

During the night I can hear waves. Sometimes it’s too loud and disturbs my wife. Mostly, it’s gentle. I love all it’s moods. I can step out onto the balcony and fling a stone into the water. I’ve never done it for the sea mesmerises me. People in their kayaks paddle along. Yachts sail by. Cruise ships hum past. Then there is always the possibility of sea life.

This morning I saw a seal. Black and agile, it glided with life and promise. My son was most excited. Sometimes we see pods of dolphins. It’s always very exciting to encounter our marine visitors. I’m waiting for that whale to visit again.