Whilst I await the 2nd mock up for my children’s encyclopedia to arrive and ponder the possibility of a change in government, I thought you might want to try some history questions. After all these may be historic times πŸ™‚

Here are the first 5 of 75 questions in my encyclopedia. I created 3 levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advance. These 5 questions are from the Beginners section.

1. Which European power ruled over the Malay peninsula in the late 19th century?

A. Portugal B. Holland
C. Spain D. British

2. Which group of people migrated to the Malay peninsula from the Celebes?

A. Bugis B. Minangkabau
C. Javanese D. Acehnese

3. Why did the Dutch come to Asia?

A. to sell spices B. to fight
C. to preach D. to control the spice trade

4. What are megaliths?

A. tall buildings B. large upright stones
C. early kingdoms D. politicians

5. The Emergency began following?

A. Independence B. Confrontation
B. Second World War C. Separation

They should be fairly easy (I think!) How confident are you of your answers?

Do you think I should do a quiz competition to promote my encyclopedia?