This is quite frustrating. I’ve set a retail price for my encyclopedia. I’ve found a distributor and fixed their discount. The book, with all corrections finally done, is ready to be sent to the printers. Except for one tiny thing …

A possible change in government.

This may be one of the biggest historic events since independence and the formation of Malaysia. And, of course, it needs to be mentioned in the encyclopedia somewhere. So I await with bated breath. Will Anwar take over as PM? If so when?

I know all Malaysians are dying to find out. Trying to get into the Star online for the last few days has been frustrating as the site will only load after many many tries. Too much internet traffic. So instead I resort to The Straits Times (not the NST) for news from our friends across the causeway.

It’s a great time to be in Malaysia. All the gossip, speculation, hearsay. I wish I was there with you good folk – we could chat the night away. Instead I end up talking to these little lambs.

“Will Anwar and Pakatan take over the government?” I called out.

But they just ate grass and stared back.

They, alas, probably knew neither more nor less than the rest of us.

“Surely you guys must have some clue?”

Then the one on the far right said, “I hope this thing doesn’t drag out.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Not good for your encyclopedia,” it baaed. “Not good for the country”.

“What about the stockmarket?”

“Not good for that too.”

“I suppose you’re right,” I said. “Don’t mind if I put this in my blog, do you?”

“No problem, go ahead,” the lamb said. “Just make sure you eat less meat. It’s healthier for all of us.”

“Sure,” I said under my breath as I slipped away.

This is what these recent events feel like. It slips between the surreal and the real.

So I wait. As do you.