Thank you once again for all your kind words and messages of support. It’s been over two weeks since my father passed away. I had always felt that he would grow very old and very frail before he would depart this earth. But life is full of surprises.

Sometimes we look for meaning, some sign of fate and fatality.

> By father died on 20 August 2008 or, more significantly, 2008 2008. Is there some numerological, astrological meaning here?

> Twentieth August also happens to be my brother’s birthday. How can his birthday ever be the same? How can it ever be fully celebrated? His birthday is now a deathday too.

> Recently, I completed my 100th post. It was a milestone. What does it signify that my 101st post announces the death of my father? What forces were at work? Does the virtual work affect the real world?

> I’ve been working on my encyclopedia for the past 5 years. Just as I was making the last change that morning before sending it to the printers, the phone rang. It was my sister, in tears, telling me that my father was dead. What is its significance? Does one ending bring about another?

Was there a clustering of energies at work? A shift in the planets?

Odd that I should look for meaning in these diverse and probably insignificant things. Things that ultimately may be no more than superstition. Words from the lips of a fortune teller.

Instead of grasping for signs of significance, I know I should be appreciating the meaning in life: in the daily ritual, in the humdrum, in the aching pains and soaring pleasures.

More importantly, I should live a meaningful life.