That’s right, I’ve reached my 100th post!

It’s taken me 21 months to get here since I started blogging in December 06. It’s a big milestone not unlike having my first or my tenth book published. There is a sense of satisfaction in having done something in this relatively new medium. And it’s wonderful to have blog pals like you!

Most of my time is consumed with doing the final checks on my encyclopedia. I’m publishing the volume myself. I’ve got my ISBN and I’ve bought a shelf company. I’ve chosen to use an Aussie company instead of a Malaysian one. The main reason is because I’m living in Australia at the moment. The other reason is that in Australia company accounts need not be audited. That’s a big saving in time, money and hassle!

Using an Aussie company also meant that I needed to get my ISBN from Australia. This took about a week via the web. I did initially try to find out about a Malaysian ISBN but my letter asking for an application form was never answered.

As for buying a shelf company, again the process was quick: 2 days!

I thought hard about picking a name though and finally came up with: My Favourite Company Pty Ltd.

I wanted to do something like Lloyd Webber’s The Real Useful Company. ( Perhaps hoping to be as successful πŸ™‚ )

Anyway, I’ve never published my own book before so I’m learning lots of new stuff. I’ll also admit I’m a little nervous as this is all new territory. Will I sell 2 books or 2000? I hope the latter.

I’ll let you know more about my publishing adventure.